If we sent you an email, text, letter or call, it means Barclays has sold your account to us.

About us

PRA Group (UK) Limited is one of the nation’s largest buyers of debt accounts (nonperforming loans) from reputable high street banks and other institutions. As specialists in the debt market, we work with our customers to help them resolve their debt in an affordable way that works with their budget. We are focused on doing business with a highly ethical code of conduct.​​​

High standards for how we treat people.

We know that no one wants to find themselves in debt, and we're committed to helping our customers figure a way out.

We collaborate with and help to fund the leading UK debt advice organisations, and are the official sponsor of the not-for-profit Money Advice Liaison Group's (MALG) 'Members Friday Forum' for 2021.

More recently we signed up for The Inclusive Economy Partnership Debt Collection Code of Practice which is a Government lead initiative for better and fairer debt collection processes.

Debt happens, so can recovery.

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How did PRA Group (UK) Limited get my account?

When banks and finance companies have a customer account that goes into default, they will often sell that account to a company like PRA Group (UK) Limited. This is good news, as we specialize in working with customers to help them resolve their debt and repair their credit history.

Our goal is to make debt repayment fair and affordable.

Our promises

  • We won’t charge interest or fees while you work with us on your account(s)
  • We will listen more than we talk
  • We’ll work with you on a way forward
  • You’re in control of your repayment

Now that your account is with us, you have new options to resolve this debt.

Your plan,
your way.

With PRA you’re in control. Login and use our explorer tool to play with some options – no strings attached.


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