About us

Who is PRA Australia?

When banks, credit card companies, and other creditors are unable to collect on an account, they may sell those debts to a company like ours. As specialists in the debt market, PRA Australia works with our customers to help them resolve their debt with us. We offer affordable plans and repayment options and are committed to treating our customers with the fairness and respect they deserve.

PRA Australia is a subsidiary of PRA Group, Inc. – a publicly traded (Nasdaq: PRAA) company assisting customers across Australia, The Americas and Europe. We’ve helped millions around the world resolve their debt.

PRA Australia works with the Australian Financial Counselors, Credit Bureaus and Financial Institutions, and holds Australian Credit Licence 520521 provided by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Our goal is to make debt repayment fair and affordable.

High standards for how we treat people.

Australian Collectors & Debt Buyers
Association, Member

How did PRA Australia get my account?

When banks, credit card companies, and other creditors have a customer account that goes into default, they will often sell that account to a company like PRA Australia. If your account was sold to us, you now owe PRA Australia for this debt. It is our goal to work together with you to help you resolve this debt.

How does the PRA Australia debt repayment process work?

If you received a phone call or letter from us, it means that your original creditor has sold your account and you now owe this debt to PRA Australia.

Please reach out to us as soon as you can. Once we have a better understanding of your situation, we can work with you to resolve your debt with us.

What is the next step?

Contact us by either phone, email or mail – we will work with you to create a plan based on your individual circumstances.

Our core principles

Our employees share a common understanding of how we treat customers and each other.

COMMITTED to always doing our best work.

ACCOUNTABLE for our actions.

RESPECTFUL in our interactions with each other.

ETHICAL in every situation.

SUCCESSFUL because we work together as a team.