Frequently asked questions

How do I make a payment to PRA Australia?

We offer many different payment methods and it’s your decision which to use. To begin simply sign in to your account or contact us.

Please note that you’ll find your account information on any communication we’ve sent you, including reference number, balance, original creditor and online log in details.

What repayment options do I have?

Paying online

You can easily sign in to view your balance, make a Debit Card payment or set up a payment plan. It’s easy and secure to use.

Make instant payments

  • Pay the full balance or pay an affordable, single payment whenever it suits you
  • It’s easy and secure

How do I sign in?

To sign in you only need your name, date of birth and postcode to view your account and make a payment. It’s quick and easy.

How do I make a payment?

  • Sign in using your name, date of birth and postcode
  • Select your account and click View details’
  • Click ‘Pay now’
  • Enter the amount you want to pay and your debit card details, then click ‘Next’

Set up a payment plan

We’re happy to provide flexible payment options as low as $5 a month. 

You can:

  • Set up automatic regular payments that are affordable for you
  • Contact us to adjust your payments whenever you like
  • You don’t have to remember to make a payment

You can customise your plan to control: 

  • Amount per payment
  • Length of plan
  • Frequency of payments

How do I set up a payment plan?

A payment plan is a commitment to PRA Australia to pay regular amounts towards a debt.

  • Sign in using your name, date of birth and postcode
  • Select your account and click ‘View details’
  • Click ‘Create Payment Arrangement’
  • Choose your ‘Payment method’
  • If you choose a debit card or direct debit, click Add new account’
  • Enter your payment details and click ‘Next’
  • Enter your commencement date, payment frequency and amount
  • For payment reminders, enter your contact details
  • Click Save’

Can I adjust a payment plan after I’ve set it up?

Yes, simply contact us and one of our friendly staff will work with you to adjust your plan.

Other ways to pay

We accept payment via the following methods:



Monday to Friday 9:00am - 7:00pm (AEST)

Mobile Chat

SMS Chat - +61 480 022 729
WhatsApp Chat - Add +61 7 3199 4299 to your WhatsApp contacts

Standard SMS network charges apply.
This is a text only number

Or call us

1800 PRAPay (1800 772 729)

Monday to Friday 9:00am - 7:00pm (AEST)

More ways to contact us
and get answers with FAQs.

Ready to pay?

Pay with debit card

Other ways to pay

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Each year millions of people fall behind on their bills for many reasons - things don’t go as planned, and then debt happens…

When a person is unable to pay back a loan, credit card or another account, their creditor may sell that debt to a company like ours.

If your account was sold to us, we’re here to help make repayment easier.

We’ll send you a welcome letter that explains who we are and invites you to access your account online –

where you can view your account information and manage flexible payment options that allow you to create an affordable payment plan, make a payment or pay it all off.

We don’t add interest or fees, and we won’t sell your account.

And when your debt is cleared, we’ll happily send you a confirmation.

Because we understand debt happens.

We’re PRA Australia.

We’re changing the way debt repayment works by treating our customers with the fairness and respect they deserve.

We’ve helped millions around the world resolve a debt - let’s work together to find your path to recovery.

Debt happens. So can recovery.